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Informed Media Limited LogoSelf-Assessment Hub, an Informed Media website, was created to help the 12+ million UK residents who are required to complete and submit a self-assessment tax return each year. For those who are new to self-assessment, there is a considerable amount of information to absorb. Calculating taxes and completing an accurate self-assessment within the strict deadlines is a cause of stress – even for those have been submitting tax returns for many, many years. Therefore, we wanted to create an online hub of information to help answer all of the most frequently asked questions about self-assessment, and Self-Assessment Hub was born (2023).

Multiple categories of article

There is no shortage of content to write about self-assessment. For example, even determining who needs to complete a self-assessment can be complex, let alone the process to submit a return within the deadline and avoid a penalty! Therefore, to break down the information on this site into easy-to-navigate chunks, we’ve created 20+ categories accessible via the menu and the homepage. The categories are:

Our team of writers are adding new articles regularly so please ensure you add our page as a bookmark and pop back regularly for the latest news! If you have any suggestions for new content, please contact us because we would love to hear from you.

Comparison tool for eager deal-finders

There are hundreds of accountants in the UK providing self-assessment services. As a result, shopping around for the very best deal can be time-consuming. To help our readers find the best provider for there requirements, we’ve created a self-assessment tax return comparison feature. If you’re looking for a new accountant to assist you, please try the comparison tool now.

We encourage professional organisations to contribute

If you represent an organisation associated with self-assessment tax returns, perhaps an accountant or tax adviser, we would be delighted to accept guest articles. We’ve added a dedicated “guest content” category to our site, and our readers would appreciate your professional insight. In terms of content – we’re highly flexible. However, please ensure the topic is relevant to the audience and covers an issue associated with self-assessment. At the end of the article, please include a short biography about your company, contact deals, and a link to your website. We would also be happy to include your logo. For more information, please visit our dedicated contribute page.

Company Information

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Self-Assessment Hub has been created to help UK taxpayers with their self-assessment. However, before making any important decisions regarding your tax affairs, we recommend you conduct thorough research and seek professional assistance, if required. Also, please read our company’s disclaimer.