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20 unusual excuses for submitting a late self-assessment tax return

Chat GPT is on everyone’s lips. The new AI tool provides remarkably accurate responses to almost every question under the sun. We had a bit of spare time on our hands, so decided to ask the bot – “what are 20 unusual excuses HMRC have been given by people who have been late submitting their self-assessment tax return?” Some of the excuses are unbelievable!

“I was abducted by aliens and they took my tax return as part of their research”

When it comes to missing the self-assessment tax deadline, most professionals will accept their fine and submit their return as soon as convenient. However, others try to fight their case by giving extremely unusual excuses to HMRC.

We asked Chat GPT what the 20 worst reasons for submitting a late self-assessment tax return were, and this is what the tool told us.

  1. “My dog ate my tax return.”
  2. “I was too busy touring the country with my one-man play.”
  3. “I fell in with the wrong crowd and went to live in a remote village in the Himalayas to escape them.”
  4. “I had a vision from God telling me to stop doing earthly things like taxes.”
  5. “My ex-wife burned all my tax documents, including my tax return.”
  6. “I was in a coma.”
  7. “I was abducted by aliens and they took my tax return as part of their research.”
  8. “I was on a yacht in the middle of the ocean and couldn’t file my tax return.”
  9. “I’m a vampire and couldn’t file my tax return because I don’t have a reflection in the computer screen.”
  10. “I was too busy training for a hotdog-eating competition.”
  11. “I accidentally threw my tax return in the fire while roasting marshmallows.”
  12. “I was too busy binge-watching my favourite TV show.”
  13. “I lost my tax return in a bet.”
  14. “I was too busy saving the world from a supervillain.”
  15. “I was stuck in a time loop and couldn’t get anything done.”
  16. “I was too busy being a beekeeper.”
  17. “I was stuck in a lift for four hours with a copy of my tax return but no pen.”
  18. “I was busy planning my wedding, which took up all my time and energy.”
  19. “I was too busy writing a novel.”
  20. “My tax return was in my bag, which was stolen along with my laptop.”

Don’t miss the self-assessment deadline!

If you miss the self-assessment deadline, you are almost guaranteed to receive a penalty from HMRC. Please don’t hesitate!

This article was generated using Chat GPT – the ground-breaking AI tool that produces well-written and informative responses to almost any question. The content throughout is written by professionals, but occasionally, it’s fun to dabble with the latest technology and we couldn’t resist asking the tool some questions about self-assessment tax returns. All articles that have used Chat GPT are categorised separately – to ensure you’re aware that the text may not be as reliable as the articles our team have written.



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